Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog, MoonStar Wellness! I am so excited to be part of the WordPress family that is helping me connect with so many people.  All my life I was amazed when I looked up at night sky and could see the moon shining so bright with millions of stars that were so far away…..

When I was a little girl to me the Stars were only bright lights in the sky and when I became older I realized that there is so much more to these twinkling lights! For me, when night falls and I look up at the night sky I see the calm, the peace, the energy and amazement like when the world was new.

So, with my new business that I am now growing as a Marketing Executive with Melaleuca, I felt that the name should reflect the twinkling lights of Stars, the powerful glow of the Moon, and the peace and energy I feel with the new path that has been chosen for me at this time in my life!

Keep on looking up at the Sky! Tomorrow will be a brand new day!

The Sky at Night

Moon, Venus and Jupiter


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