Wonders of our Universe, by Linda

Wonders of our Universe, by Linda

We are but a spec of light in this vast universe and within are many other worlds that are but specs of light to us from the “third planet from the Sun” Earth!

Life as we know it on this revolving planet is so “precious” to me and perserving all that there is on our amazing world is my new goal, my new path that has been chosen & laid out for me.

Within these pages of my “BLOG”, I will be sharing how I am helping to keep our planet safe from harmful toxins that are destroying the clean air we breath, the ozone layer around our planet that protects us from the harsh rays of the sun, the chemicals that we inhale everyday or absorb through our bodies, and help more people to be aware of being environmentally friendly.

Lets work together by sharing with those who are closet to us, and those who are already beginning their path what we all should be doing to protect us and our children for tomorrow and our future!


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