My Story

In August of 2012 I partnered with an environmentally safe company with the expectation of earning extra income and going “Green”.  My initial order included over 35 different products for me to try and learn about. Purchasing these many items was the best choice I could have made since it gave me a good variety of home cleaning products, laundry detergent, hair care, skin care, healthy bars, vitamins, medicine cabinet items and many more.

Before I spoke to any friends or family members, I wanted to use the products myself so I could share my knowledge & experience on several of the items. Well, after only about a week after my order arrived I was completely loving the many smells of the cleaning products, the body lotions, the liquid hand soaps, and the tastes of the healthy bars, cereal, chocolate bars and how the shampoo brought out the natural highlights in my hair that even fooled my hairdresser!  This was when I knew it was time to share my new business with others.

In October of 2012 I began growing a team of my own with friends & family as customers and advanced in status to “Director”.  At that time I was starting to really feel good about helping others become healthy, environmentally friendly, and begin to earn extra income of their own.

Then at the start of November 2012, I was laid off from my full-time employment of over thirteen years! This was a shock to me and it took me some time to realize that I now did not have a job to go to every day. Even though I was surprised at this change of events, I truly felt that this new “path” that had been carved out for me to follow was fate and  I was exactly where I was supposed to be at this time in my life!

It has now been about four months since my new path has become my “everyday” way of living. I absolutely love being part of such an amazing company and sharing their concept of total wellness with friends, family, and everyone I know!

Today I will do what I need, so tomorrow I can live my dream!


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