White Teeth/Fresh Breath !

We all “brush out teeth” so why not use the best toothpaste that will also give you fresh breath to last all day!

Whitening Tooth Polish with Fluoride—Cool Mint

Cool Mint Whitening Tooth Polish with Fluoride makes teeth whiter and mouths cleaner as it protects teeth. Only Melaleuca Tooth Polish combines six natural ingredients that work together to battle oral bacteria, freshen breath, protect teeth, and whiten smiles with naturally derived ingredients. That’s something no toothpaste offers.
• Zinc citrate—a natural mineral shown to inhibit bacteria and with regular brushing it helps remove plaque and tartar buildup
• T40–C3 Melaleuca Oil®—this pure essential oil combats odor-causing bacteria and freshens breath
• Myrrh—a resin hailing from the Middle East and parts of Africa, this natural astringent naturally fights odor-causing bacteria
• Xylitol—a natural sweetener from fruits and vegetables, it cannot be fermented by bacteria in the mouth, so it sweetens without contributing to tooth decay like sugar
• Papain—a natural enzyme from papaya, it safely helps break away and dissolve stains on the teeth for whiter smiles instead of bleaching teeth and damaging enamel like peroxide can
• Fluoride—an element naturally found in soil, water, several minerals, and certain types of foods, it protects teeth from decay and helps protect tooth enamel


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