The company I have partnered with, Melaleuca,  is a 27 year old Wellness & environmentally conscious manufacturing company that is in the Hall of Fame with both INC 500 and the Better Business Bureau.  We offer a unique business opportunity that is NOT  AN MLM or HOME PARTY PLANING SALES.

We introduce customers to a membership shopping club – like Costco, BJ’s or Sam’s Club but with a much lower membership fee.

Our customers enjoy superior wellness products, direct home delivery, preferred customer pricing, exceptional customer service and free products in the first few months of their membership. We also offer additional savings at over 600 retail partners like Target, Best Buy, Kohls, Victoria Secret, Dell Computers, Barnes & Noble and many more.

Most guests who are introduced to our membership concept decide to join us. Our business members get compensated for opening new customer accounts and helping others develop their customer base.

It’s really that simple!

The income you earn is residual.  This means that you will continue to get paid on all future orders placed by the customers you have introduced to us and have joined.

We have been able to help thousands of people earn immediate income and plan for their futures. They know that what they do today will continue to pay them residuals down the road. That’s a powerful concept!

I Can Help You: “Enhance the Health of  your Family”:

  • Earn income from working at home
  • Change your career or job
  • Be your own “boss” and set your own hours!
  • Get out of debt, and become “financially free”!
  • Stay home, spend time with your family and enjoy your “Freedom”!
  • Save for retirement and your child’s education

We produce over 350 products in the areas of:

Personal Care  / Cosmetics / Skin Care / Nutritional / Supplements / Pharmaceuticals / Non-Toxic Household Cleaners /      Pet Care / Dental Care

However unlike other companies, we are not about spending money to start a business of your own :

  • We don’t sell products, stock inventory, handle orders, sales or returns and we don’t pressure customers to buy!
  • We do stand by our products and have a no risk money back guarantee.

Consider the huge market potential for products that address these concerns:

  • Energy/ Well-being /Weight Control / Eco-Friendly Living
  • Asthma / Allergies / Poor Circulation
  • Dry Skin /Dry Scalp / Eczema / Psoriasis / Diaper Rash
  • ADD/ADHD / Depression / IBS
  • Arthritis / Fibromyalgia /Muscle Soreness / Back Pain / Migraines
  • Heart Disease / Heart Health / Immune Support /Diabetes
  • Dental Health / Pet Health

Our company has been environmentally safe before going “GREEN” was even thought of.  Over the past 27 years we have shared with many households the importance of removing  products that have harmful chemicals from their homes.  While at the same time we have helped so many people with unrealized allergies to common household cleaners, stop suffering by simply switching to our environmentally safe products.

For information on how to join me, email or send me a message on FaceBook!


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