Vitality Weight Loss Program

Vitality Weight Loss Program

The Plan & Products You Need to Succeed

Take the guesswork out of healthy weight loss and get on the path to true wellness with simple, smart, healthy eating and snacking habits and exercise guidance that sets you up to be successful.

For more than two decades, Melaleuca has pioneered innovative solutions that combine the best of science and nature to tackle threats to our health- from obesity to cardiovascular health and metabolic syndrome.

Melaleuca has developed a plan that incorporates these exclusive products to deliver the healthy weight loss results you are looking for to achieve lasting physical wellness.

Now available in convenient, 30-day, money-saving packs!

The Vitality Weight Loss Pack Includes:
• 3 GC Control™ Shakes
• 1 FiberWise® Drink
• 3 boxes of Access® Fat Conversion Exercise Bars
• FREE Weight Loss Guide; Vitality: Simple Steps to Your Ideal Weight. For the best product experience we strongly recommend using the Vitality Blender Bottle to mix Melaleuca’s powdered products.

By using Vitality: Simple Steps to Your Ideal Weight, you’ll feel empowered and confident in your ability to lose weight, get healthier and improve your lifestyle. You’ve set goals. You’ve even developed a daily food and activity plan.

Simple Steps to Your Ideal Weight
Melaleuca’s industry-leading nutrition products- combined with eating right, getting active, and staying accountable make healthy weight loss as easy as A, B, C:
• A. Replace 1 or 2 snacks or meals a day with GC Control™
•B. Drink 1 serving of FiberWise® before dinner or at bedtime
•C. Eat an Access Bar® 15 minutes before starting your workout

NOTE: Our Attain shakes & access bars come in a variety of flavors to tease & please your “taste buds”!


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